Dannon promotes its first Greek low-calorie yogurt with new campaign via Y&R New York

sacrificing.jpgY&R New York has launched a new 'satisfaction without sacrifice' campaign to promote Dannon's first Greek low-calorie yogurt.

The charismatic new character being launched in the commercial to get this message out is a well-intentioned woman with too much time and "new money" on her hands. She's taken the initiative of helping those women "less fortunate" than herself by telling them about Dannon's Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. It's a thick, Greek yogurt, but with only 80 calories, so they can, "stop with the sacrifice already!"

People can also check out the new spokesperson's website promoting the cause. She'll also be posting on Light & Fit's Facebook page as well as posting PSAs on Youtube.com/Lightandfit .

Jim Elliott, Chief Creative Officer, Y&R NYC
Judy Robinson, Creative Director/Art Director
Jenny Sandbank, Creative Director, Copywriter
Merri Merberg, Producer
Nancy Aresu, Managing Director
Trish Mello, Group Account Director
Geoffrey Sia, Account Supervisor
Jae Jung, Account Executive
Lindsay Tatelman, Senior Planner
Stage: Level 2, Y&R NYC
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Alison MacClean
Executive Producer: Justin Pollack
Producer: Nina Shiffman
Editorial Co: Nomad Pixel
Editor: Sean Stewart
Producer: Patrick Scerri
Telecine: Nice Shoes-Chris Ryan
Dannon On-line Videos
Production Company: Flies Collective
Matt Petock, Director
Daniel Carbone, Producer
Zach Shedd, Editor


tina geneva said:

Using a NewYork based tv commercial to promote your new product could be back firing in other parts of the country.
Not everyone is fond of New Yorkers, particularly those with heavy NY accents
Dannon has always been a favorite in this household but no one will allow it since your ridic ulous commercial began airing.
Do Dannon a huge favor.
Get rid of the highly offensive woman & the condescending attitude.
Find another way to promote using positive structure to earn lost purchasers back .
Message clear:
Greek dimwits don't sell
Greek yogurt!

SjDriver said:

I live in California and I love this woman. Her accent is great. It seems we are losing local accents, especially on television. The Dannon woman has the best New York accent since Marisa Tomei in my cousin Vinny. I hope we see more of her.

swiss said:

That is the most bizarre fake accent I have ever heard. Can't stand that woman. And what in god's name is that accent supposed to be?!

mdlurker said:

Unbelievably offensive, stupid, and pointless commercial. The accent is very fake and over the top. Please fire the idiot who thought that a campaign like this would somehow be seen as endearing. Then fire the actress for the botch job on the accent.

lil said:

This commercial is offensive on many levels. Insulting the Mother, the awful inauthentic NY accent. Rethink your campaign.

NJgal said:

I TOTALLY agree with "Swiss's" comment above... That fake accent is SO bad, it's almost offensive. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be-New York; Brooklyn; Jewish; Long Island??? Whatever it's SUPPOSED to be-it's truly awful. It hurts my ears, so I mute the sound immediately if it appears. Y & R could've found someone outside their offices with a "real" New York accent rather than hiring an actress with a fake one.

earth mama said:

this woman has the worst new york accent i have ever heard. and i am from new york. she ain't no nanny. tell her to take some more lessons before she does another commercial. oobviously.

digby said:

It's a horrible character whose accent is all over the place. She sounds like she's from that part of brooklyn that's called cleveland. How this helps to sell yogurt I do not know.

Shannon said:

Awful, awful accent. They seriously couldn't find an actress from NY?

Toni said:

I am a native born New Yorker and trust me that accent is fake. True there are several accents in NY, but hers is not one of them. It hurts my ears....and apparently many other folks as well. I am not against any regional accent, that's part of what makes the US so wonderful. But get the right person for the job. Sheesh.

Marjorie said:

I've been a New Yorker my whole life and now live in Nj. Trust me, that accent is NOT even close to authentic. A total mess. Can't imagine why Y&R would hire a non New Yorker with a bad accent. I am also offended by the negative stereotyping going on here.

Pat H. said:

Can't support a product whose team thinks that the badly faked accent in their commercial is acceptable. It's insulting to those of us in the New York and New Jersey area. Just as a faked "hick" accent would be to someone in the rural South. The ad has created ill will and, as the ad agency Young and Rubican (Y&R) knows, ill will is communicated far more than is good will. Y&R knows better so one can only infer that this is intentional. Far worse, in my opinion. Feeding into the "New Yorker" stereotype is, worst of all, formualic and not very creative. A generic "I'm from nowhere" accent and the same frenzied attitude would have been less hackneyed, wouldn't you agree? Disappointed in this effort by what is (was?) one of the flagship ad agencies in NYC.

Njmark said:

That's actually a northern New Jersey Italian accent. I know many females in their late 30s/40s that sound like her. However, her accent is fake. I can tell that she's forcing it.

Trixie said:

I mute my tv everytime this irritating voice comes on. Can't stand to listen to her and won't buy your product until she is gone.

Lifetimes On Video - a native New Yorker!! said:

I agree with those who find this offensive and incredibly inauthentic.
That is NOT a New York Accent. I don't know WHAT it is.
Trying to sound like a long island princess???? It is poorly done,
and an incredibly obnoxious character.
Next time you want to insult New York, at least use a real New Yorker!
(probably couldn't get anyone from NY because we're all too smart to
do something this stupid!)

nancy d said:

It jumps out at me that "Linder" has to sacrifice to eat your yogurt. Whats the point of that? Very poorly done.

kn said:

Incredibly fake accent and insulting attitude. Why would you go with negativity to sell a product is beyond me. It's annoying and I refuse to try the product now, although I know Dannon as a good brand. I had to laugh at the description of this condescending woman as "charismatic" because she's anything but. Please accept that this campaign may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it is in fact a total flop. Time to come up with a slightly less irritating campaign I'd say...

Anonymous said:

OMG what a bunch of rude, hostile people, its a commercial people! if I got offended every time someone did a bad Italian accent I would forever be in a snit. I think she is funny and come on we all know people like her. I think maybe there are far worse commercials out there. Get a grip!

ric said:

Yeah, really. It's just a commercial. I think it's freaking funny, and the fake accent makes the lady cute. To me, at least.
If people are annoyed the first time they see it; just mute, or change the channel. Instead, they keep watching it, and get more incensed! That makes a lot of sense. Duh

Karen said:

That woman's voice is so irritating I change the channel when the ad comes on. She is also rude. She will not convince me to buy the product, quite the contrary.

Sharon said:

Was there not one actress in all of New York with a real New York accent??? I live in Florida and can tell it's fake.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who scrambles for the mute button every time I hear the ad. I don't even remember the product because I change channels immediately. The ads would be hilarious if they'd used a real New Yorker.

RNjennie said:

While I am not necessarily offended by this commercial I do find it extremely annoying. I have lived in northern nj,10 minutes from gw bridge, my entire life. My family is from Brooklyn and have many fiends in each of the 5 boroughs,long island and nj. They are Italian, Spanish, irish, Jewish, all ethnicities and races. I can honestly say in my 41 years I haven't EVER heard anyone speak like the woman in the commercial. I find the accent so annoying and stupid I actually change the channel. I can promise you people in this area do not sound this moronic and irritating I don't understand the thinking behind this whole ad campaign. I think they need to get back to some brainstorming for this one.

Dottieaa said:

There are some commercials that are bad, but these are the worst commercials I have ever seen on TV. REALLY????? And I like Dannon Products! I change the channel every time it is aired. It is offensive to me. Please don't drive away the

Stacey said:

I hate this ad campaign

Is she a Long Island Jewish mother? Or an Italian woman from Staten Island?

Couldn't they find an actress from the metro area to play this idiotic character with her side pony?

The new ad with the surfer is just as bad


JRR said:

This is one of the most annoying commercials and characters on TV today (Along with the "crazy generous" vonage guy). Surely your agency can come up with something more creative than this. It's really a shame, because the product happens to be terrific and deserves better ads.

MG said:

I only found this page because I googled "annoying woman in dannon yogurt commercial." This page, and many others, have confirmed I am not alone in feeling like my ears are bleeding every time I hear this woman's awful voice.

Real NYC gal said:

When this ad comes on, I mute the sound. The so-very-wrong accent is someone's idea of amusing, but no one speaks this way. For example, no native of NYC has her pronunciation of the "o" in words like "obviously", "stop", and "non(fat)." The ad is really unpleasant and offensive.

I like yogurt but I will buy other brands from now on.

Liza said:

The worst commercial ever. Grating voice. FAKE accent. More annoying than that wee wee wee all the way home pig commercial. dump this campaign.

BigD said:

I hate this commercial. I hate this idiotic woman. When the ad is on, I want to throw a brick at my TV. I would NEVER try this yogurt because the brand would always remind me of this idiot woman with the obvious fake NY accent. I am a New Yorker and I know of no-one who sounds like as moronic as the woman in the ad. Oh, and worse of all, I just saw the 3rd ad of the series...unless I was having a really really bad nightmare.

Annoyed in Phoenix said:

Yes - the accent is GRATING - however, what I find even more offensive is that anyone would take any sort of "advice" from this woman. The surfer commercial is the most ironic. Here's a hot, young, surfer chick with an "uneven tan" - THE HORROR. Enter annoying lady to ask her why she "sacrificing the perfect tan" and that dannon fit and light will made things better. Nevermind that the dannon woman is all high maintenance, hair and nails and witheringly unadventuresome.

Oh yeah....I'll rush right out and buy some o' that!

I think I'll "stop the sacrifice" by putting dannon on my "do not buy because they are so shallow and offensive" list.

Gene said:

Played in forest gump, gal in bar New Year's Eve !!

yogurt eater said:

Who is the actress? She reminds me of the character Caliope on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Is this Arleene Sorkin?

Annoyed said:

Worst campaign I have seen in a long time.

Troy said:

I agree it's just a commercial. However, I'm with another poster here who found this page by googling "annoying woman in dannon Greek yogurt commercial." Obviously these commercials are irritating enough that Im wasting my time here posting a comment. I'm stunned that this is a campaign produced by Y&R. I'm even more stunned that whatever idiots in the marketing dept at Dannon approved it still have their jobs. Yes, the accent is annoying and although it doesn't offend me, I guess I can see where it could offend folks with the authentic accent that this actress butchers. I'm originally from NC and still have a residual Southern accent after living in NYC for the past 17 years so I am well versed in how people identify and judge others by their accents. Furthermore, I live in Astoria, Queens, which boasts one of the largest Greek communities in the country and this character is not Greek or Greek American; maybe she isn't supposed to Greek, who knows. Regardless, the campaign itself is just annoying. The premise that young women are "sacrificing" is not well developed, leaving the entire campaign to rest on the actress' poor accent and stereotypical schtick. I would never have guessed she's supposed to be nouveau riche; she reads very middle class busy body to me. Anyway, I wouldn't blame the actress, she's just doing her job. It's the morons who created this awful campaign and cast her in a silly role that should be embarrassed. This campaign not only irritates the hell out of me, it makes me never want to try this yogurt. (Sorry, I'm a Fage fan anyway!)

joe blow said:

i like her,so there

Jjfo said:

So sad that people have enough free time to critique commercials. It's almost as bad as people who critique people critiquing commercials. Oh, wait.......anyway it's called satire. If it were real that would be just awful but it's supposed to be a memorable commercial and, based on your responses, it is!!

Troy said:

Jjfo: Check your English textbook, this doesn't qualify as satire. It's a poorly developed campaign. I agree that it's memorable, but it is so for all the wrong reasons.

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